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Trauma -Informed & Healing - Centered
Leadership & Change
Trainings & Retreats


Trainings, Retreats, & Facilitation for
Organizational & Community Systems Working for Change

Customized to support educators, health & human service providers, parents, family, community and organizational systems

Trainings and Retreats
to inquire about scheduling a training or retreat for your organization or community, please email
  • Foundations in Trauma- Informed Care

  • Safety as A Somatic Experience; the physiology, psychology, and science of safety, learning, healing, and change

  • Healer H.E.A.L. Thyself;                                                                                  Holistic, Embodied, Authentic, Leadership

  • Leading Ourselves Back to the Well; a community of practice for healers, helpers, and holders of spaces

  • Listening into Being and the A,B,Cs of Relational Resilience

  • L.O.V.E. Model of self- regulation in service to Co-Regulation as a leadership intervention

  • Unpacking the trauma -informed care principle of understanding historical trauma as an empowering, embodied, equitable model of cultivating communities committed to movements of liberation through safety , support , and solidarity  across race, gender, class, ability, and power dynamics.

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