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ReStoryative Somatics is a model of understanding trauma, healing, learning, leadership and change focusing on nervous system regulation, emotional resilience, and relational healing.




To restore the inherent rhythm of well - being and balance in the nervous system, while renegotiating the impact of life’s stories on our beliefs, bodies, and behaviors.



The unification of all aspects of ourselves as biological, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and relational beings. Supporting the natural processes of discharging trauma-bound energy, examining personal and collective identities, and integrating new nervous system patterns.



ReStoryative Somatics


Supports transformation, healing, and harmony for individuals, couples, families, organizational, and community systems.


More than a model or methodology, ReStoryative Somatics is an embodied practice of deep listening, healing tools, community practices, and relational guidance. By engaging a trauma-informed and healing-centered lens, ReStoryative Somatics works with individual and collective systems in building capacity and skills for increased self- regulation,  relational resilience, and regenerative creativity in service to the liberation, vitality, and healing of EACH and ALL. 


This work is informed by the theoretical frameworks and embodied practices of

  • somatic experience,

  • somatic trauma resolution,

  • neuro- affective relational model, community resilience model,

  • women writing for change circle facilitation,

  • shadow work,

  • non-violent communication,

  • the Be Present empowerment model,

  •   medical massage therapy,

  • visionary craniosacral therapy,

  • reiki,

  • a doctoral program in leadership and change,

  • and over twenty years lived experience of supporting birth, death, parenting, healing, grief, growth, and transformation. *


Individual Consultation Sessions

Personal and Collective Healing


ReStoryative Somatics Individual Healing Session
(in person or virtual)


ReStoryative Somatics healing sessions focus on supporting the nervous system first, in service to healing the entirety of the body/mind/spirit ecosystem.  Sessions may include a combination of "no touch"somatic experience/ somatic trauma resolution, breathwork, guided meditation, reiki, herbal or nutritional consultation, self-inquiry and  relational healing tools and practices combined with trauma - informed hands on bodywork.

  These sessions  are crafted purposely to meet you where you are in your healing journey, Absolutely safe and adaptable for any body oriented towards healing.  Especially helpful for those experiencing pregnancy, postpartum, loss, or those navigating big life transitions, or healing from trauma or dis-ease, .


ReStoryative Somatics
Prenatal & Postpartum/ Newborn

ReStoryative Somatics
Mentorship Consultation for Helpers, Healers, & Holders of Spaces

ReStoryative Somatics Prenatal and Postpartum Sessions are available to offer healing support in preparation for or healing from the birth experience.  Sessions include a focus on regulation of the nervous system for the parent and the newborn.  We can focus on creating a healing environment for the new baby and new family, learn somatic practices, bodywork, breathwork, maternal and infant massage, nutritional and herbal support for optimal pregnancy, birth and postpartum healing. Pediatric craniosacral therapy and breastfeeding support also available pp.

ReStoryative Somatics Consultations are to support embodied learning of somatic skills, trauma -  informed care principles, and resilience practices to promote   self - regulation in service to co-regulation as a leadership skill. Consultations provide a somatic - oriented, healing lens to support healers, helpers, holders of spaces, parents, educators, counselors, clergy, and those in leadership roles of supporting or guiding others, in increasing one's capacity for relational resilience and Holistic Embodied Authentic Leadership.

Examples of relational somatic consultations:

  • intimate or business partners,

  • family systems healing generational trauma; 

  • organizational systems working for change;

  • pregnant person with doula, nurse, midwife, or OB. 


“Thank you for helping me to become a stronger woman, in so many ways. One that is no longer afraid of feeling, even the pain of the past or fear of the future. Thanks to this work, I know my heart and soul better. I know my body and its strength and its limits better. What a gift.” -W.P.

“Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. Your honesty and vulnerability, your joy, and your capacity to see me, even when I could not see myself has been so healing. Thank you for helping me find my way back to myself”.  -K.F.

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