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Amy Rebekah, M.A., L.M.T., S.E.P., C.S.T., R.Y.T., C.B.D., C.C.E.


"My professional practice has been an ever-evolving offering of bodywork, yoga, meditation, somatic trauma healing, childbirth education, labor and birth doula support, lactation education and newborn care, ceremony, healing circles, rituals, herbal and nutritional counseling, deeply rooted in my own evolving personal practice of self-care, personal reflection, generational and personal healing, and transformation.  My capacity to hold space for others as they fight cancer, give birth, accept death, end or begin a marriage, job, or parenthood, or dive into their own trauma-informed patterns, beliefs, addictions, and behaviors is the foundation of my leadership experience of walking with people through navigating change"


Amy Rebekah is a visionary leader, facilitator and healer with over 20 years in practice as a licensed massage therapist, craniosacral therapist, doula, childbirth educator and doula trainer, a community herbalist, circle keeper, a story steward and story-teller, a speaker and author, a researcher and trainer of Trauma-Informed and Healing-Centered leadership. 


Amy is currently enjoying  the experience of weaving her practical lived experiences with the theories and scholarship inside of a doctoral program in leadership and change through Antioch University.  This academic journey increased Amy's capacity from supporting individuals and couples going through intense change or healing, to supporting groups and organizations working for change by supporting them in their capacity to practice a more authentic, responsible, embodied, and collaborative leadership culture through engaging a trauma-informed approach.


In 2020 Amy founded ReStoryative Somatics, LLC to share her services and train other professionals in trauma-informed and healing-centered leadership. She is passionate about supporting leaders and those who support others in learning the practice of self-regulation of their nervous systems in service to co-regulation as a leadership practice.  She especially enjoys working with organizational systems to implement trauma -informed care as organizational culture change.


In 2022 Amy shared her vision of a new way of operationalizing trauma - informed and healing - centered care in service to uplifting perinatal professionals working to transform the current maternal and infant mortality crisis, a pilot project known   as T.R.I.B.E.; Trauma & Resilience - Informed Birth Education Perinatal and Parenting Co-operative. With the support of a community initiative grant through the Northwest Dayton Partnership, and a Community Initiative for Racial Equity Grant through Kellogg foundation, Amy had the opportunity to train18 interdisciplinary perinatal and parenting support professionals in trauma - informed care and somatic oriented healing centered practices, while the members of the pilot in return co-created parenting peer support circles and interdisciplinary wrap-around care to pregnant women and families in Northwest Dayton. Although the pilot did not result in the birth of an co-operative organization as first imagined, the results of the training and the pilot project were incredibly positive, the harvested wisdom of which is seeding new projects of different kinds inspired by the transformational work of the women who courageously co-created the first pilot .

In 2023, Amy and her daughters  also joined forces to create a collaborative company called CommuniTEA Love, a company dedicated to facilitating connection within the community through access to delicious herbal tea blends and they are having a wonderful time building this legacy of love together.




* ReStoryative Somatics is informed by the theoretical frameworks and embodied practices of somatic experience, somatic trauma resolution, neuro- affective relational model, community resilience model, women writing for change circle facilitation, shadow work, non-violent communication, the Be Present empowerment model, medical massage therapy, visionary craniosacral therapy, reiki, a doctoral program in leadership and change, and over twenty years lived experience of supporting birth, death, parenting, healing, grief, growth, and transformation. *

Amy Rebekah Chavez
Higher Education/ Professional Certifications

Antioch University

School of Leadership and Change

  • Antioch University Graduate School of Leadership and Change

  • 2016- present: doctoral studies in trauma -informed care as systems change and leadership, with an emphasis in health and human services, perinatal systems of care, understanding historical, generational, and systemic trauma through an embodied abolitionist, somatic lens. Dissertation research 2024-2025 focusing on peer support communities of practice as vehicles for implementing trauma informed care principles as systems change.

Goddard College

Sinclair Community College

Trauma - Informed,

Somatic -Oriented

Professional Certifications & Continuing Education  


Holistic Massage Therapy/

Manual Therapy

Birth Support/Postpartum Care

Yoga/ Meditation

Herbal Medicine Certification

  • Goddard College

  • 2013 master’s degree Integrated Health Arts & Science individualized curriculum- research on care provider trauma, vicarious trauma, burn out, and the implications of relational trauma in the birth professional space.

  • 2011 bachelor’s degree Integrated Health Arts & Science Individualized curriculum – researched the neurobiology of trauma in regard to birthing people, the neurobiology of attachment, and the implications of shock and developmental trauma on the birth experience for the birthing person and the baby.

  • Sinclair Community College

  • 2003 associate degree in science in Medical Massage Therapy

Professional Certifications & Continuing Education

  • Somatic Psychology/ Trauma Healing

  • Resilient Heart; Heart Math Institute2024

  • Relational Development, Rupture and Repair; Somatic Development2022

  • Community Resilience Model 2019

  • Neuro Affective Relational Model 2017-2019

  • Somatic Experience2016-2020

  • Somatic Trauma Resolution2005-2006

  • Facilitation

  • Be Present Empowerment Model of dialogue across race, gender, class, and power                                                                  2015

  • Women Writing for a Change; Conscious Feminine Leadership Training;                                                                                     2019


  • Myofascial bodywork for optimal fetal positioning2010

  • Reiki 2004

  • Adult and Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy 2004

  • Baby’s first massage instruction certification2004

  • Massage Therapy for pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum 2003

  • State Medical Board of Ohio Licensed Massage Therapy2003

  • Birth support/ Postpartum Care

  • Homebirth Midwifery Apprenticeship2010-2013

  • Birth Emergency Skills Training2011

  • Spinning Babies 2010

  • Birthworks Childbirth Ed. Training 2006

  • Lactation Educator Certification, ICEA2004

  • ICEA Childbirth Education2004

  • Birth Doula Hospital oriented, OH. CAPPA2000

  • Birth Doula, homebirth-oriented, WA. DONA1997

  • Yoga/ Meditation

  • 200 hr. Registered Yoga Teacher Training 2013

  • Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training 2009

  • WholeBirth prenatal yoga, meditation, group facilitation 2004

  • Herbal Medicine Certifications

  • Herbal Medicine for Women w/ Dr. Aviva Romm2013

  • Herbal Teacher Training with Rosemary Gladstar2009

  • Foundations Therapeutic Herbal Medicine w/ David Hoffman1997-98



  • 2017. 5th edition Clinical Practice Guidelines for Midwifery and Women’s Health; contributing editor of the “complementary and alternative measures” throughout the text.  Author of appendix entitled “Inspiring Trust in Midwifery Care; Safety as a Somatic Experience.”          


  • 2015.  4th edition Clinical Practice Guidelines for Midwifery and Women’s Health; contributing editor of the “complementary and alternative measures” throughout the text.  Contributing writer of appendix entitled “Inspiring Trust in Midwifery Care; Safety as a Somatic Experience.”       


  • 2013. Professional webcast class for Georgetown University School of nurse midwives: Safety as a somatic experience; Psychophysiology of Birth.

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