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Craft Herbal Tea Blends

Community Herbal Education

We are a mother/daughter company that is dedicated to healing and the access of herbal education. Founded in 2023, we had a vision for the world - CommuniTEA blends in every kitchen, herbal apothecaries in every home, an herbalist in every family, and CommuniTEA parties for every occasion. Now we are making that vision a reality by offering craft herbal tea blends and launching our Summer 2023 craftshops and circles. 

Image by Lisa Hobbs

Craft Herbal Tea Blends

Small batch, handmade organic herbal tea blends. Made with Love 

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CommuniTEA Craftshops

Cultivating the craft of herbal medicine making inside of community


CommuniTEA Healing Circles

Facilitating healing connection within a sacred space

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