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For health and human services providers
For perinatal and Parenting support Professionals
For organizations working for change

H.E.A.L. is an invitational exploration into HOLISTIC, EMBODIED, AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP for those who walk in the role of caring for and supporting others as helpers, healers, and holders of spaces.  Let me break down how I am using these words in this context.

HOLISTIC refers to the recognition of ourselves as complex creatures; mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, culturally entrained, and informed beings wired for survival and belonging in direct relational connection with our living ecosystems and environments.

EMBODIED refers to our commitment to practice centering the body’s intelligence and capacity to self-organize and self – regulate in service to healing, change, growth, and relational safety.

AUTHENTIC refers to our capacity to internally attune, to know oneself, and to practice authoring the moments and meaning making of our stories.

LEADERSHIP refers to our capacity to use our own nervous systems as instruments of peace, to practice self- regulation in service to co-regulation as a practice of relational leadership.

Prices very and trainings are tailored to organizational needs.
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